Engineering support services

We have 3 major engineering support services :

Supply and installation of specialized equipment and machines

When a client makes a purchase of our products, we make sure that we supply the products and help in the installation in their given industries. Our engineers ensure the proper assembly of spare parts as well as the interconnection of the materials where there is a need.

Automation and upgrading of different industries

At REMCO, we study the market and the productivity of some industries by testing their materials. This allows us to properly advise on whether to automate or upgrade for better and easier productivity. Our engineers propose machinery that would be appropriate to be used in order to achieve better efficiency and effectiveness.


Maintenance is offered as after-sale service for our clients or as a service to clients with machinery that is already in use. It can be achieved by sending our specialized teams or by selling the needed spare parts to replace the broken ones. Maintenance is also given to our clients through training on how to use machinery, identify their technical problems and maintain the machinery themselves.

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