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The core team is made of engineers that are involved in the manufacturing and maintenance of our products. At REMCO, we have four types: production, metallurgical, mechanical and manufacturing engineers.

Production engineers

They integrate the use of machining, casting, metal cutting and assembling in the design. In addition, they work on the practical usability of the finished product despite its complexity (ergonomics). Furthermore, they work with manufacturing designers in the management of resources.

Metallurgical engineers

They study the behaviour and characteristics of metals. In that way, they are able to separate them with their ores and purify them. They also know which techniques work best on each of the metals that might be used.

Manufacturing engineers

They work on the design part and focus more on the management of the resources. They master how raw materials can be used efficiently and effectively for higher productivity.

Mechanical engineers

They design, build, test, modify and maintain mechanical systems such as machines and engines. They are the ones in charge of creating prototypes using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software applications. Their work also consists of evaluating, redesigning and upgrading systems. They also oversee the installation of these machines.


Supporting teams at REMCO are made of other teams that are less involved in the production. These are teams such as the administration, finance and commercial team.

The administration team

It is made of the board of directors and the office of the CEO. All the major decisions of the company are made here.

The finance team

It is made of the financial and the admin units. They ensure that REMCO’s financial situation is always functioning well.

The commercial team

It is made of the sales and marketing as well as the supply chain units. They ensure that REMCO acquires clientele, customercare as well as the after-sales service. This team also ensures raw materials are acquired to feed the manufacturing units.